My Moja World

My Moja World (or to be politically correct “My Cool World”) is about all things music with an added feature that spotlights people. Moja is mostly about Hip Hop, Deep House, R&B and Soul. The more different and less known the act or person is, the better!

What is Moja and why that name?

The term “cool” is a popular term used by many people today to generally describe a state of being (in a good way) of something or someone. Moja is the equivalent of that in popular lingo, Zulu. It’s a hipper and simpler way of saying it.

Growing up ekasi (in the hood) I have a unique perspective on many things, many of which are made up of different and cool interests, Moja is the closest term there is that combines all of that.

It’s my world, it’s yours, it’s ours.

About me (The EDITOR)

I’m a guy born and bred in Soweto, one of the most unique, historic and iconic places around. With a scary (but impressive) catalogue of interests and knowledge in a number of topics, music forms a big part of that. I’ve always wanted a space where I can share my love for it and cool acts to highlight, thus My Moja World.

In addition to Moja I’m also a contributor on tech and entertainment blog, SAVibeza.

@Thabz_14 is where you can find me.