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Spotlight – Tumelo “Stumza” Rantao

Spotlight on Moja is where we feature and put the spotlight on various places and/or individuals. In addition to what we do, we’re also interested in people’s experiences and stories. Stories about cool places will also be on here. You don’t need to be famous or anything like that, just be awesome, stand for something and have a great story to tell, that’s it.

We’re all different and have great stories, so what better way to share those than here?

I for one have come across some great individuals, all of whom have great stories, have learned a lot from and are destined for great things. This is a space where I’d like to not only introduce you to some of those but also hopefully be able to feature more equally awesome individuals and places.

Next up we have none other than the phenomenal Tumelo aka Stumza, a very cool cat I have the pleasure of knowing and working with currently. Let’s find out about him:

Thank you for agreeing to this! First things first, can you tell us a bit about who Stumza is? Please tell us a bit about your childhood and where you grew up.

Sweet! So I grew up in Soweto – specifically in a place popularly known as Ndofaya (Meadowlands)! :). I grew up in front of the screen for the most part, watching cartoons and trying out new things on my laptop. From making beats on FL studio to Photoshop and playing video games. Ultimately this led to me eventually designing websites using HTML. Stumza is basically a geek, a hip hop nerd and a South Park fanatic. Oh did I mention I’m also a BeER lover?


There’s so many things out there but for you specifically, what is your main aim/goal in life?

My main goal in life is to add value everywhere I go and in everyone I meet along the way. I have a bit of an obsession with longevity and immortality so I don’t ever wanna be forgotten *smh*


And flipping that on its head a bit, what’s your biggest fear in life?

I have a fear for live chickens! (see what I did there? LOL!). Nah I’m kidding, I guess I would have to say I’m afraid of failure.


What do you do for a living? And specifically, why do you do what you do?

I’m in Influencer Marketing and Digital Media. I love working on projects and seeing them become a success – it just makes my heart smile 🙂


What motivates you? What drives you to get out of bed every morning?

I have a strong feeling that the future looks bright. It comes as a shock when I wake up every morning that “Hey I’m still alive! Thank you God, good looking out! That basically validates that I’m not done yet” I think it’s important to be grateful for life because no matter what’s happening if you’re still alive you will survive.

Tumelo Rantao


Is there anything or anyone you look to for inspiration? And if so, why?

I would have to say my dad, he is a beast! His life story is amazing – I’m not going to get into too much but I look at him like #NoPressure

I also watch DJ Khaled snaps he’s just inspiring….

Most of all though, my main inspiration comes from music! The likes of Kendrick Lamar, Nasty C, AKA, Eminem etc. I find inspiration in controversial artists especially. It’s because they’re unpredictable and they don’t play by the rules. TV shows also play a similar role in that sense, especially stuff like Narcos, Entourage, Breaking Bad etc.

It’s apparent that this life thing is way too short and we’re told to make the most out of it. So with that, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my friends getting up to some mischievous activities J. I’m very naughty hehe.


Nostalgia is such a powerful thing, if you had to go back to one moment in your life, what would it be and why?

Uhmm! nothing actually pops to mind immediately. I don’t mean to be boring but it’s all in the past. I’ve always challenged myself to get better every day.


If you could choose to three people in the world to have lunch or dinner with, who would those be? Why? And what would you order?

I would have a braai with DJ Khaled, Will Smith and Michael Jordan.


Lastly, you are surely on social media – where can people get a hold of you?

I’m everywhere hey! @Stum_ZA across IG, Snapchat and Twitter. Tumelo E Rantao on FB and LinkedIn. I don’t have a personal website yet but I have a blog: and

Thank you for taking the time to do this fam and allowing us into your world for a min!


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