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Featured Act: Atjazz

Atjazz – for those not familiar with the name you would be forgiven if you thought it was a jazz artist or act. Believe it or not, the name is synonymous with another genre of music, deep house music. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a deep house music disciple – disciple because I mostly see it as a movement. Anyone who understands and is a fan of the genre is, in my view, a disciple. Why? It’s a very niche genre that only a few individuals appreciate properly.

From a more general point of view, deep house allows you to appreciate other genres of music. This is thanks to its ability to fuse different musical elements into one. It’s the main reason why I’m able to appreciate a diverse set of musician and genres. From the UK, Atjazz is one of the leading artists in the deep house genre globally.

Atjazz, who is he?

Martin Iveson is a British composer known for his audio work within the video games industry. In addition, he is better known for his contributions to the music industry. In his repertoire, Iverson’s music skills range from mainstream house music to deep house, hip-hop, and nu Jazz. He writes under the moniker Atjazz and owns (and runs) Atjazz Record Company.


From his youth skateboarding the frontier towns of North Eastern England, Martin Iveson arrived into the UK’s Midland scene in the early 1990s, here he was to take a job at a new computer games development studio Core Design. He left the company 13 years later to concentrate more on his own studio environment in which to channel his musical aspirations further, and invite other musicians and producers to do the same.

That something

The success of his early works including his first EP Story in 1996 led to the well-received debut album That Something. The album was later licensed in Japan by Sony/Kioon in 1998. That Something also featured cover artwork by Fujio Akatsuka, very well known in Japan for his illustrations and animated cartoons. With two further albums, Labfunk and Labresults following soon after, Atjazz had at this time established himself as a distinct and inspirational voice in the underground music scene.

Atjazz, master remixer

In addition to his own work, Atjazz has also been a prolific remixer throughout his career. Nitin Sawhney, Bob Sinclar, Jazzanova, Omar…to name a few are some of the artists he has remixed for. 2009 saw him close his label Mantis Recordings due to harsh industry changes and from these ashes came the imprint named Atjazz Record Company. His label concentrates heavily on his productions and collaborations.

Get a taste for what Atjazz is all about below:

Been fortunate to see him live on one of his trips here to SA, the man is a beast. Interesting to also note that most of his fan base is here locally. Deep house has a huge following here so no surprises. Do yourself a favour and go check him out when the opportunity arises.


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